Teams Unveil Fresh Look With New Logos

by Sports Information Staff

JACKSONVILLE, FL—The National Gridiron League (NGL) is excited to announce a new era with the unveiling of completely redesigned team logos and wordmarks. These dynamic new visuals represent the NGL's commitment to innovation, growth, and an even more thrilling fan experience.

"The NGL is constantly evolving," said Joe McClendon III, President of the National Gridiron League. "These new logos and wordmarks are a bold statement about the future of our league. They are modern, energetic, and reflect the unique personalities of each of our teams."

The design process for the new logos and wordmarks was a collaborative effort between the NGL, its member teams, and a renowned creative agency. This inclusive approach was aimed at creating visuals that would resonate with fans of all ages while maintaining the NGL's rich tradition, making every fan feel a part of this exciting journey.

Fans can look forward to the new logos and wordmarks, which will be prominently displayed across all NGL platforms, including team merchandise, stadiums, and digital media. The NGL is confident that these fresh visuals will not only elevate the fan experience but also ignite a wave of anticipation for the thrilling upcoming season.

For a preview of each team's updated appearance, please refer to the respective team's official website. To make a purchase of team merchandise, visit the official online store of the NGL at

About the National Gridiron League

The National Gridiron League (NGL) is a professional spring football league in the United States. It features eighteen teams competing for the prestigious NGL Championship title. The NGL is committed to providing its fans with high-quality, competitive football games and a thrilling gameday experience.